Sunday, March 29, 2015

Force Mac OS X to use aptX with your bluetooth audio devices

If you have a bluetooth audio device like headphones or a speaker that supports aptX, you might find that it connects to OS X using the SBC codec instead.

You can check the codec your bluetooth device is using by holding down the Option key, clicking on the Bluetooth icon in your menu bar, and mousing over to the bluetooth device to show its details.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My favorite Safari Extensions

There are many extensions that exist out there. And there is nothing stopping you from downloading all of them. But the issue is that the more extensions you start to install, the less responsive and more memory a browser begins to consume as it needs to run and keep active those extensions. I try to stay a minimalist, so there are the few extensions I recommend others to have, and are the first I install in a new machine for Safari:

Last Pass is an online password manager that helps you store passwords as well as generate random passwords. Last Pass is free, but costs $1 a month for a premium service that allows you to use it on your mobile device. It is my favorite password manager and I have been using it for many years.
Ghostery is an extension that helps you block trackers on the web to make your web browsing as anonymous as technically possible. The category of trackers that it can block are: Advertising, Analytics, Beacons, Privacy, and Widgets. I recommend not enabling Widgets, as it can break may web pages and take effort in order to track down and whitelist the specific widget you need for the site you are visiting (although you can just whitelist the entire domain).
Ultimate Status Bar does something so simple that I am shocked it is not available in Safari by default. It allows you to mouse-over any link and have it show you what the address is on the bottom of the browser, like you would see in any other web browser.
Adblock is a great extension that does as the name implies, it blocks advertisements, even youtube! This extension is not to be confused with Adblock Plus (ABP), which allows companies to pay them in order to allow some
Pushbullet is a free service that allows you to send links, pictures, and messages to any device you have (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) as well as to any other friends who are registered and use Pushbullet. Pushbullet also sends notifications from your mobile device to your browser, no matter what OS your desktop or mobile device is.
Imagus allows you to mouse-over images in order to make them bigger instantly without having to click on it. This is great if you visit any website that has many small images that you would like to see enlarged fast. The extension is no longer available for download, but I have it available in my Dropbox.
If you enjoy any of these extensions, make sure to donate to the developers if you can!