Monday, April 13, 2015

Minimizing the number of cables I have to carry: Micro to Mini USB adapter

I try to be a bit of a minimalist and only carry the amount of stuff I need, and possibly a bit more for emergencies. These days, almost everything uses micro USB for connectivity and charging. With the new USB-C starting to show up on products, that may change in the future. Most of the things I have use either Lightening (my iPhone and iPad), or micro usb (portable batteries, portable bluetooth speaker, bluetooth headphones). There was one that was annoying for me, especially when I travel: USB Mini on my GoPro Hero 4. So what I recently bought from Amazon was this cheap Startech USB Micro to USB Mini adapter so that I simply need to bring two types of cables with me wherever I go.

It works great with my GoPro for both charging and data transfer, and I am sure it would work for any other USB Mini device as well. Now I just use my USB micro cable for my GoPro as well as my other devices.

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