Friday, July 17, 2015

Sony 64GB microSDXC (SR64UY2A/TQ)

On Amazon Prime Day I was looking for a new 64GB microSD card for my GoPro Hero 4. I was able to grab the Sony 64GB microSDXC (SR64UY2A/TQ), although I could not find any information on it online and the Amazon reviews were pretty generic. It is just an SD card, after all, so nothing here will be very exciting. But I will show some basic information about the SD card performance in order to help anyone else in the future.

These are initial tests with the card being brand new. I will update in the future after the card has been used a bit to see if the performance still holds up. But based on the results, I am pretty happy with the card. Since the card is guaranteed a minimum of 70MB/s read speed, you must consider yourself lucky for any extra you do end up getting.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test:

Xbench results:

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