Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Pad & Quill Leather Apple Watch band arrived!

After a bit over a month, a package arrived in the mail containing a long cardboard box with no marks or any identification. Upon opening it, I discover the Pad & Quill Classic Leather Apple Watch Band had finally arrived!

I got the British Tan color in polished black to go along with my Apple Watch Space Gray Sport. As expected, the leather is really tough and stiff as it is new. But after one day, it is already starting to take shape into the size and fit that I like. Having had multiple cheap ebay and Amazon third-party bands, I can really tell the quality difference when it comes to this band. For example, the band slides on cheaper third-party bands do not sit as flush and tight as this one. Being hand-crafted, the band looks well made. And who doesn't like the smell of brand new leather?

The band includes a 30 day return window, so you can always return it if you do not like it. If you do decide to keep it, they have a 25 year warranty on the leather craftsmanship as a manufacturer warranty. I am going to stick with this watch band for my daily use. I had originally gotten it to match my Saddle Brown iPhone case, but the case being over a month old now has darkened up as expected with leather. I am still happy with the look, though, and will stick with it.

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